Tilk'naldune Dralore


A half-elf that roams the woods in harmony with them. He’s called Tilk by his friends and those who buy wild herbs and other bounties of the forest from him. Although most know him as a hunter he is a vegetarian and disgusted by the meaningless slaughter of animals. His prey is the unnatural monsters of the woods and poachers who would ruin this paradise.

Abandoned at birth in the woods, he was found and brought to town by Chadi Swiftbreeze. From there he was raised by Basil Tornridge who taught him about the wisdom of Eristal. At the young age of twelve he felt the pull of the Wild. He embraced the doctrine of Eristal and asked Chadi to train him in the nuances of the woods. For five years they prowled the woods, helping animals, living off the land and keeping the forest safe. At the age of seventeen he set off on his own once again, building a hut by a creek. It was there he met his faithful companion, Winston the Moose.

Although Tilk prefers a bow, he does carry a longsword for close counters situations. A skilled tracker, Tilk knows the forest he grew up in very well. He tends not to go into town much but tends to be cheery and upbeat when he does. Money is unimportant to him as nature provides for him, but he does use the money he receives from finding things in the woods to support the local church.

Tilk'naldune Dralore

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