Chadi Swiftbreeze (Ranger)


Chadi is a half elf with striking green eyes and long blond hair which he hold in a tail. He is tall and lean but always has time to play with the children or sit with the older folk for an ale and some talk. He prefers greens and browns.


Chadi has been roaming the woods of Ironpoint for as long as anyone can remember. He appears every few months or so with fresh game in exchange for company and a few essentials. He has been know to show woods lore and part with his knowledge on other subjects to any who ask.

He enjoys the fearlessness and carefree attitude of young children and always has time to play monster or hide and seek with him. Many of Ironpoint learned how to ghost through the woods or follow a trail from the young seeming woodsman.

Chadi Swiftbreeze (Ranger)

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